How Can Disk Imaging Software Help You Save Time


Disk imaging software is an efficient way to back up and restorative data in the organization. In addition to convenience, and reduced space requirements, the software also helps save the time of users. Using this software, one can create a full image of the hard drive in just a few clicks. Let us learn more about how disk imaging software saves the time of users.

Drive Image Backup is a wonderful software product that helps protect your data present on your computers. It is trusted by over a million devices all over the world. The software offers a single license for personal use. It enables use on up to five systems in the household.

What is disk imaging software?

Imaging software is a kind of backup software. It requires a snapshot of the drive to help restore the image to a new drive or the same drive. Though a user can store the disk drive image on the same system it is safer to keep it on a separate drive so that it doesn’t get lost when the source drives damages due to catastrophic failure.

How does disk imaging save time?

Here are how disk imaging saves time in the process.

Incremental backups

Many of the newer disks imaging software allows user to run incremental backups, that saves a good amount of time. In this case, the user doesn’t need to have the image on the complete drive with every backup.

This feature lets users set the backup and forget it. With incremental background backups, your disk image gets updated on a continuous basis and in real-time without causing any effort on the part of the user.

Quick creation of disk image

Disk imaging software lets users create disk images very quickly. The software can be customized to set up any backup and restoration task to adhere to your system in a manner that meets their needs effectively. It provides greater authority to the user about the time it requires for the creation, storage, and restoration of the disk image.

Auto scheduling function

The software lets you auto-schedule the task of creating a new disk image. You can set it to start when the computer boots, or when you log in to the system with a specific user credential.

Quick retrieval of files

Another important timesaving benefit of disk imaging software is that it can help you go back and recover lost and damaged files pretty fast. You can simply go back to the earlier version of the disk image file and make changes to it.

The software also helps user retrieve their files that are thought to have been deleted forever on the hard drive. It lets restoration disk image sectors quickly and is updated whenever you want them.


The disk imaging software not just helps in the quick creation of disk images as well as its restoration. The software is also available in a variety of customization options o control the amount of time it requires or saves in the process.

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