Important Questions That You Should Ask Your Logistics Provider Before You Commit


In the present day saturated online market scenario, a competitive edge is very essential. For maximizing the potential of getting repeat customers and also maintain an impressive bottom line, sellers have to create a very positive customer experience by making a seamless ordering procedure from beginning to end.

Equity Logistics Melbourne is a transport company located in Melbourne that can provide all your freight solutions. They are having a wide range of couriers and also transport suppliers, who can help you to get any job done as needed by you.

However, to start with you can ask the following few questions.

  1. For which products do you usually provide support?

Make sure that they are capable of dealing with your kind of product.

  1. How long are you in this operation?

It will be important to know how much experience the company has.

  1. Do you have any capacity constraints?

You must ensure that they can meet your requirement.

  1. What custom services will you recommend for our business? 

This may help you to understand the limitation if they have.

  1. Where your warehouses are located?

This may help you to know about their proximity to your business.

  1. What kind of integrations will you work with?

You will know whether their software and system are compatible with your business.

  1. What is the pricing?

You need to know about their price structure.

  1. What storage, assembly, and packaging choice do you offer? 

You must know whether they can customize as per your need.

  1. Will we obtain real-time inventory data?

It will be nice to know about their real-time data so that you get the right feel.

  1. What systems do you have to ensure the accuracy of order fulfilment?

It is important to know how accurate their system is.

  1. How fast can you fulfil items?

This is a basic question that can affect your business outcome.

  1. Who are your various trusted suppliers? 

It will be always good to learn about that.

  1. Do you also support returns?

For a few larger marketplaces returns are a basic requirement, but not every provider can support them.

  1. What is your policy in case you lose/damage my inventory?

This can always happen with every service provider but you must know how they resolve such issues.

  1. What will happen you cannot meet your delivery commitments?

Again it is a very pertinent question that every businessman would like to ask.

  1. How will you measure/track performance?

You also will like to get concrete information to help in managing your KPIs.

  1. Will you provide a few referrals from your other customers?

Every genuine businessman will always be ready to offer referral details.

  1. What professional associations/accreditations do you hold?

Verification from certain trusted business associations will also add value to their credibility.

All these questions are basically for establishing a rapport and offer a beginning for further research. Once you are comfortable with the company then you will understand them better to conduct business on regular basis.

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