What Role Does Manufacturing Play in the Medical Field?


When many people think about manufacturing, they often only consider large items such as vehicles, heavy machinery or lumber. However, manufacturing plays a key role in the implementation and success of a variety of different communities. On the list of that benefit from manufacturing is the medical community. The medical field utilizes a great deal of different manufactured items. This includes, but is not, limited to, tubing, syringes, masks and surgical supplies.


Tubing in the medical industry is utilized for many tasks meant to save lives, maintain health or to make patients as comfortable as possible. Teflon, or Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE tubing) is a commonly used tubing used for medical devices. The main purpose of PTFE extruded tubing is to have a smooth fluid transfer without build-up. Tubing can also be found in catheters, as it allows for the prevention of bacterial growth. Tubing is also used for ventilators, earpieces and drainage tubes.


Syringes are manufactured in order to support the medical community in its efforts to provide the best quality care. Syringes are used to administer life-saving medicines such as insulin or epinephrine. Syringes can also be used to draw blood. There are many different types of syringes that vary in size and in purpose.


Masks are a key component to providing medical care. Surgeons utilize masks during surgical procedures in order to reduce the possibilities of contaminating open wounds with their own bodily fluids. Surgical rooms are sterile in order to prevent bacterial infections, therefore it is important for these to be utilized by all medical staff when medically necessary.

Surgical Supplies

Surgical supplies are manufactured to insure that medical professionals are equipped to save lives. Depending on the type of surgery that is to take place, each surgical room must be equipped with commonly used tools. This includes clamps, restraint straps, head supports, anesthesia screens, surgical lights and equipment covers.

The medical industry, and of course those who use its services, have greatly benefited from the critical tools supplied through manufacturers. This can be seen in the prevalence of tools in hospitals and care centers. Whether you are familiar with manufactured medical supplies such as PTFE tubing, syringes, surgical masks or surgical supplies, there is no doubt on the impact that manufacturing plays in the medical industry.

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