Know in Detail about Australia Permanent Visa


Permanent resident visa of Australia is sought by people, who prefer to settle in the amazing country for many years or even for lifetime. This kind of visa aids in settling and working in Australian grounds for five years term. If you need Australian citizenship, you can have it in three years while you live and work here. The visa even helps in settling with family in Australia.

Now, understand the plus features of PR Visa:

  • You and your family can settle and work in any place in the country.
  • You have every right to live with your family in the country.
  • You can avail free education for your children to a certain period or certain age of your children.
  • You can with ease sponsor your relatives to have permanent resident visa.
  • You acquire all the benefits of working in the country region and even medical health aid.

Know are you eligible to gain the Australian PR visa:

  • The score of yours should be at least sixty-five points in Point’s Grid. The points are evaluated on the basis of your age, efficiency in English language, your academic success and your character analysis.
  • Individuals applying for visa should be below forty-five years age.
  • Your occupation should be listed in the Australia’s Skilled Occupation List. The authorities will verify your skills in preference to your education and work experience.
  • You should have certification of good health and of good character. Your character certification needs to be stamped by your local police officers. You even need to produce proof of settling your funds.

If you have the required points and your age is below forty-five years then you can try to get Australian PR visa. If you are unable to get it because of some issues unknown or your legal requirements isn’t fulfilled anytime you can log on to Here the Australian immigration lawyer with years of experience and skills find solutions to the obstacles in gaining PR visa of Australia is sure to help you anytime.

The steps involved in applying for visa

  • Firstly, you need to pass the skill assessment like gaining above sixty-five points. The assessment is judged by designated authorities. The whole verification is complete and you get the statement within sixty days time.
  • Once the assessment is in your favour, than you can apply online.
  • While your application is accepted the next thing to do is submit the required documents to DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) within sixty days. This process is termed to be ‘Expression of Interest’. EOI is usually done thorough Australian website that evaluates your skill. You need to score high to be invited to submit documents to apply for visa.
  • Once your documents are verified and all is clear, then you get the PR visa of Australia.

Within six months of receiving the visa you need to board your flights to Australia. It is a simple process while you have all the required criteria to avail the Australian PR visa.

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