Guide For Getting A Driver’s Licence In Australia


Driving makes getting along anywhere a lot easier especially, if you live in non-metropolitan area. It gives you the freedom to travel around safely without worrying how you will get home. Once you arrive in Australia, you might need a car to explore the beautiful cities there, when it is not possible to access public transport service.

To drive in Australia, you need a valid licence and you must carry it with you while driving. If you are in Sandringham, Australia, get your Sandringham driving lessons from Pass First Go that offers you driving lessons at an affordable cost.

Even if you are holding an overseas licence, to drive from state to state in Australia, rules differ between states and also it depends on what type of visa that you are holding. If your licence is not in English then you must carry a certified English translation with you.

Until you get permanent residency, you can drive in Australia with your overseas licence. But once you get your permanent residency, you need to convert your licence to Australian licence within three months.

If you don’t have a licence at all, then you will need to start from the beginning with a licencing authority. In Australia, every state and territory has got its own rules and regulations on issuing the licence. It is better to call the corresponding motor authorities of your state and confirm what the requirements are, before applying for driving licence.

Getting Driving Licence In Australia

To get a licence in Australia you will need to pass a driving test in Australia. This test includes a theory test, practical test and a hazard perception test.

In theory test there will be multiple choice questions and you will need to get 90% correct answers to pass the test. Then is the hazard test to check the driver’s practical skills in sensing the hazards while driving. Both these tests will be conducted in local transport authority’s office and via computer.

Then will be the practical test where an examiner will check your skills on driving. The examiner will ask you to do certain driving tasks like parking, reversing etc.,

There will be a fee for these tests and you will have to book in advance for your tests. You need to pass all these tests to get your probationary or full licence.

Road Rules

It is important to know the road rules of Australia since, rules may differ from your home country. Know and practice those rules to avoid undesired results, accidents and penalties. Also, it helps you drive safe and ensures the safety of other road users. Here are some of the common rules:

  • Keep left when you drive on the road
  • Avoid driving after drinking alcohol
  • Everyone inside the car should wear seat belt
  • Carry your licence while you drive
  • Don’t litter on the road
  • Don’t use mobile phones while driving
  • Make sure to follow the speed limits

If you breach any of the road rules you may be subject to fine, which are very high in Australia, demerit points and in some worst cases, you may even go to prison.

With these points in mind, now it will be easier for you to get your licence in Australia.

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