4 Simple But Pretty Ways to Style Your Event Backdrop


Whether you’re marrying the love of your life or celebrating another decade of existence, you want to make the occasion as special and memorable as possible. One way to do this is to come up with a theme and style your venue with beautiful, eye-catching decorations.


Now, you may think about the grandest detail among them: your pipe and drape backdrop. It’s the first thing your guests will notice and, not to mention, use for their selfies and group photos. If you’re still unsure how to design it, try these 4 ideas:

Layer It

Layering different pieces of fabric is one of the easiest methods, but the result always leaves spectators amazed. The arrangement allows you to utilize depth and contrast to create a beautiful design.

First, pick a piece of fabric for your back layer. Then, place another one in front of it and style it by swooping its ends to the side. Try tying it upward at different points along its horizontal length to achieve a drooping effect.

Add Lighting

For a more dramatic, elegant look, you can illuminate your backdrop with LED bulbs. Depending on their color and placement, they can set an intimate or lively mood for the party.

If you want to focus on the hue, opt to have light-colored fabrics with medium thickness. Using sheer, white pieces, for example, can accentuate romantic shades of pink or purple.

Utilize Space

To achieve that wow factor, dare to go for a floor-to-ceiling backdrop. Beautifully styled overhead drapery can create the illusion of greater vertical room height, which is sure to liven up any dull space.

You can use other styles as you work on this look. Layer the fabric pieces or add special lights to achieve the effect you want.

Play With Colors

Your drapery doesn’t have to have a monochrome appearance. You can get pieces of fabric that feature 2 different hues from your event’s color scheme. If you’re unsure of your choice of combination, ask for help from your designer friends and family.

To arrange the drapery, simply alternate the pieces of cloth. Keep balance and harmony in mind to avoid overdoing the design.

Select from these 4 ideas to achieve a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding or birthday. And, once you’re done, secure the pipe and drape kit to start preparing the decorations.

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