3 Causes of a Home’s Repiping


The repiping of a home occurs when the pipes within the structure need to be replaced. There are various reasons why this might be required. It could be that the home has been neglected for a period of time or that the piping is rather old. Regardless of the reason, you should only have professionals handle this job. Here are some of the common reasons why you might need to repipe in Sacramento.

Bought a Fixer-Upper

There are various reasons why someone might buy a home. For some, it’s a family home that they will occupy for years to come. Others buy a home to renovate it before either selling or renting it out. If your purpose for buying the home is the latter, you might end up buying a fixer-upper. That will allow you to buy the home on the cheap and make money on it after repairs. In this situation, the house will probably have been neglected for a period of time and be in need of some serious repairs. The pipes might have rusted or have some other issue that might cause the need for a repiping. This will ensure that the water works as needed when you sell or rent the house to others.

House is Over 50 Years Old

As a house gets older, certain aspects of it will be in need of replacement. This is because it will be worn over time and because modern materials are safer and last longer than those that were constructed half a century ago. If the home that you’re occupying or buying is over 50 years old and hasn’t been repiped in that time, it’s time to complete this task. That will ensure that the water received by the home is safe for consumption and that you don’t suffer any leaks in your piping.

Continuous Leaks

As you might expect, when pipes get older, they’re much more vulnerable to leaks. While you might be able to resolve one or two leaks, continuous leaking means that there is a greater problem. It could be the pipes are no longer able to withstand the water pressure they’re exposed to. This is likely because time has caused the strength of the pipes to wear down. In this situation, you’ll want to repipe the house with a modern material that will be much stronger. This will ensure that you don’t suffer leaks that could put into jeopardy the sturdiness of the structure.

There are various reasons why you might need to repipe a home, including if it’s old or has been neglected over an extended period of time. These are some of the primary reasons why you might need to repipe sacramento.

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