Things to Make with Excess Concrete Mix


If you’ve just completed a home or garden project and have some leftover concrete mix, here are some fun projects that will put it to good use.

Outdoor Projects

When it comes to using up your excess concrete mix, the outdoors is a great place to do so. You can make garden pavers in unique shapes, or with special letters or numbers imprinted or painted onto them. You could make leaf castings that can weight down tarps or picnic blankets in the backyard. Or make garden signs to help mark different plants or herbs.

You could cut the bottom out of soda bottles and make cement “flowers” for decoration. You could use a rubber mat as a form and make ornate and intricate stepping stones. The possibilities are endless. Remember to use a mold that you are willing to dispose of and will not be brokenhearted if it cannot be used again, just in case it is damaged by the casting process.

Indoor Projects

Inside the home can benefit from some concrete and creativity as well. Candle holders, door stops, and even end tables are within the realm of possibilities for useful items you can create out of your leftover mix.

One idea is to fill a pair of rubber gloves with mix and then shape them as you desire. The result is a bespoke hand shaped sculpture. You can also make door stops, bowls, and ashtrays. There are thousands of great ideas and project tutorials online, so dig out that bag of mix, and hit the web to find some inspiration.

Gift Ideas

If you’ve got more than enough mix to make a few items for yourself, why not creative some one-of-a-kind gift items while you’re at it? Cute and tiny cement pumpkins, hearts, or letters can make great paperweights or be attached to magnets. Use some brightly colored or metallic paint to give the project some personality and that “wow” factor.

You can use lace, leaves, and other ornate patterns to add an element of intricacy. Cement can hold detail surprisingly well, and you can get creative with how you want it to adapt and take on the shape and design you desire. With a little creativity and a little extra concrete mix, you can create unique and attractive items that will look good indoors, outdoor, or in a friend’s house or garden.


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