How to Protect Your Skin In Winter Season?


Winter is viewed as a challenging season for the skin. The dry and harsh air in this season brings a lot of discomfort. Dryness, itchiness, and tightness of the skin cause a lot of trouble. We are sharing some effective tips that will help you keep all these problems at bay.

Switch to heavy moisturizer

You would find your moisturizer to be less adequate in the winter season. If your skin feels dry even after moisturizing, then switch to a heavier moisturizer. Choose a richer night cream that provides you greater nourishment than your usual light moisturizer.

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Reduce the thermostat level

You must be using the thermostat in the winter season. The heat produced by this device can make the air of the house dry. Reduce the thermostat setting to a cool yet comfortable temperature.

Choose skincare products with more active ingredients

Exposure to the sun can tan your skin and harm it. Invest your money in good quality Sun SPF lotions. Choose the one that is enriched with more amounts of active ingredients. Limiting your exposure to the sun and using best-quality SPF products are the best ways to protect your skin.

Reduce shower time

Hot water can strip off moisture from the skin. It can make it dry. It is advised to avoid taking long and steamy showers. Luke-warm water is ideal for bathing purposes. In addition to reducing the temperature of the water, reduce the duration of the bath. Do not expose your skin to water for more than five to ten minutes.

Include exfoliation in your daily skincare regime

Exfoliation is an essential part of a skin care routine. It removes dead skin cells, boosts cellular turnover, enhances circulation, and improves texture, and tone of the skin. It is advised to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week throughout the year.

Choose aroma free and gentle skin cleansers

The next tip to keep your skin healthy in winters is to use gentle and natural soap. Regular soaps can be harsh on your skin. It can make it itchy, and dry. Choose the one that is made up of only natural elements. Look for those cleansers that are enriched with moisturizing ingredients and essential oils to keep your skin moist.

Choose creamy face masks

Face masks help improve the health of the skin. Add creamy products to your face mask to make your skin soft, supple, and plump.

Moisturize your hands often during the day

After whenever you wash your hands, make it a rule to moisturize your hands. It will keep them soft. Creams are heavier than lotions and so they are best suited for cold weather season.


With the right skincare regime, you can easily tackle any weather conditions. The use of CBD-infused skincare products is effective in hydrating and regenerating skin cells. Implement these useful tips, and say goodbye to all skin woes.

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