Learn the Right Ways to Distribute Your Reusable Bags


Promotional reusable bags serve as an effective way to market your business. You can provide them to your audience in several ways such as handing out to them at trade shows or sell them to earn popularity, and profit both.

The question here is that whether distributing a product for free creates the same impact on your audience, when they have to pay for it. Is selling the right way for product distribution or giving them away for free? Let us check about this concern in detail in this article.

GIVE when you own a wine or brewery shop

If you work in a store that sells beer, cider, kombucha, or wine, then giving away bags is viewed as a smart idea. The reusable 4 and 6 wine bottle custom tote bags provide sufficient carrying capacity to the customers so that they buy to their heart’s content.

Custom grocery bags are an ideal place to buy the perfect promotional tote bags. The bags are made unique, and appealing by creating them in a wide range of colors, materials, and designs. With their extensive collection, you can easily find the color of the bag that complements the customized design and logo of your business.

Sell a custom reusable tote bag when you own a grocery store

Most of the buyers are seen to carry their own reusable customized grocery bags when they reach out to a store for shopping. This helps them fill their bags with all the shopping products without spending on a new shopping bag.

However, if they fall short on bags, and need a few more, then you can sell your promo tote bags to them. Not just it will help them pack their items but also serves as a walking advertisement for your business.

Hand out for free at a Trade Show

If it is a trade show event or any other commercial event then in those circumstances, you should provide them custom promo tote bags as free goodies. The right time to handout your free promo product is when someone visits your booth and seems interested in your business’ services.

You should engage with them in conversation and educate them about services, and products of your business. If they are genuinely interested and take many brochures etc. from you, that is when you should offer them these bags to help them carry the material safely with them.

Sell them if you work in a retail store

If you own a retail store, it makes sense to sell your customized bags that match your company color, and other decors of the store and imprinted with your business logo. These brands build a superior image of your business and help customers to carry their valuables safely into it.


The right selection and distribution of these bags will help in meeting the needs of your business and creating the right impact on the audience. I hope the above scenarios have helped you in clearing the confusion between when to give away reusable bags for free or sell them to your customers.

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